Faith Seeds Ministries - Testimonials


"Thank you for writing to me when you sent my last lesson back to me. Your words, believe it or not, can mean more than the lesson does - sometimes. Have a great and blessed day."

"I would like to say thank you so much. I really appreciate your time. I'm learning a lot from this study on Intercessory Prayer. I write poems, either during good or bad times, in my extreme emotional state - my "emergency of the spirit." I call it "my gift of poetry."

Lonely cell -

God calls, I feel a peace so true

Then mail call comes and along comes

Love. A bundle of Milford, MA love

A real philos love

Helping the prisoner...

Humble, I understand.

My spirit smiles, learning

About my watch...

How I too a prisoner

Am allowed and called

To "lift my eyes to the Lord"

And listen...

Love from Milford, MA."

"All I have known is a life of prostitution, pimps, and beatings. I have done this for ten years and now that I am locked up, I have just started to talk to God about this lifestyle and if I should keep living this way. I asked God for a way out just a few weeks ago - and then I heard about this class on human trafficking. I know He heard me."

"In February 2014 a girl I have done time with since 1999 cut and hung herself. She was not one you would expect it from. When I was able to go to my cell I got my Bible out and starting looking for Scripture. I was standing in the gap for this girl and knew she is saved and loves the Lord. She has had a hard life yet I know God can do all things. The girl is on a ventilator after coding twice. She has no brain activity. I know the Lord can wake her and restore her. I have just been praying continuously. I have found great peace after I intercede for her. I have asked for the Lord to hold this girl in the hospital; that she would feel His peace. Today when I opened my mail and read the second line of this lesson I just sat staring at it. It read, "In this chapter we focus on ways to stand in the gap before God on behalf of another person or for a situation." So, I just wanted to say thank you for your study. It has been a blessing of information. Thank you for offering it to prisons, as you can see it is needed. May God bless you and your ministry."

"I watched God work in the lives of those I prayed for."

"It was one of those times you know the Lord was present."

"Thank you for letting me know I can pray for myself. I never prayed for my own needs."

"Now I realize I can be a good mother by praying for my children."

"Thank you for leading us through inner healing. I've struggled with issues with my father and tonight, I let them go and feel free."

"Tonight I was able to give my hurt and anger over to Jesus."

"A wonderful, life-changing seminar."

"I used the materials in the seminar with my teen-age son and they worked! He has opened up to me in a whole new way."

"This seminar will forever change the way I pray."

"I enjoyed tonight and fell like I have a fresh start."

"This seminar has shown me so much about myself and my life. Thank you!"

"This was an answer to my prayers. I want to learn so much about the Bible and only because I want to serve and glorify Him. He has truly taken the stongholds of sin and bondage away from me and to learn how to pray is what I really needed to understand. This will really help me."

"Dear God, thank you so much for blessing me with such wonderful people since I've been in prison! For I do know and agree with john 15:13, and these people I feel have laid down their own lives to meet me through letters. They have taken their time to get to know me and help me in many ways and I just feel like I couldn't do this time without them. So I just need you to know how thankful I am! Thanks for continuing to bless me with friends to help me through my journey of life with God! There is so much I have to be thankful for that I can only pick one of my most cherished."

"Thanks for helping me in my spiritual walk and showing me God's plan for my life - great session!"

"Thank you for this seminar! It was awesome and a true blessing. I cannot wait to start the study!"

"I learned so much. I was encouraged to pray continuously 21 days for the authorities involved in my case. I will let you know of my blessings. Thank you for interceding on my behalf."

"May God bless you for aiding me to change, to grow, and to learn more about God and applying this word to my life as well as my daily struggles. There have been so many wonderful blessings, for instance, God is working on my family and restoring broken relationships. My mother and stepfather have been upset with me for about 4 years now, and have recently written me, forgiving me for hurting my family, and sent me money for canteen. Only God could do all that. I am grateful. God is so good to me. You're always in my heart and prayers. God bless you."