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About Faith Seeds Ministries

Faith Seeds Ministries was founded by Rev. Sue Johnson and in 2005, became involved with prison ministry through Operation Starting Line (OSL). Faith Seeds is a collaborator with Operation Starting Line. The ministry is also a member of INPM.

Our primary mission is to provide discipleship to women inmates at correctional facilities across the United States. We have taught discipleship programs at more than 95 women’s facilities around the country, reaching over 40,000 women. The ministry also offers an extensive series of correspondence Bible Studies to offenders and returning citizens. We offer twelve different studies, ranging from lessons for new believers to more advanced studies. Our secondary mission is to offer discipleship resources to women in need, including those experiencing homelessness, addiction, and other traumatic life events.

Faith Seeds has a series of discipleship resource cards available to chaplains at correctional facilities. We have distributed over 300,000 cards to offenders across the United States. We are pleased to make available to chaplains at correctional facilities these Discipleship Resources at no cost. Each card is in both English and Spanish and is 4 by 9 inches, small enough to fit in a Bible. We have four available: A Parent's Prayer Card; Truth of Who I Am in Christ; Prayers for Justice; and Prayers for Wisdom. To place an order, contact us at: sue@faithseeds.org. We also make the cards available to collaborating prison ministries for the cost of shipping.

Faith Seeds is a 501 (c) (3) non profit public charity and operates out of the The United Church of Norwood.

To contact us for more information about the ministry, or ways in which we might serve your church or ministry group, please conact sue@faithseeds.org.

Discipleship Seminars Offered Through Faith Seeds

We have available nineteen different Discipleship Seminars, designed to cover anywhere from a two hour time block to a full day. The list of seminars include:

The Prayer Seminar

We Are God's Yes

Encouraging Ourselves with the Word

God's Restoration Plan

The Descriptive Names of God

Renewing Our Mind

The Power of Praying Moms

Positive Parenting

More than a Conqueror

Spiritual Weapons of Our Warfare

Possessing the Promised Land

Rebuilding Broken Walls

Intercessory Prayer

I Said Yes to Jesus

His Compassions Fail Not

Leaving the Life - Human Trafficking

The Sacrifice of Praise

Housing Readiness Program

Biblical Re-entry

The ministry also offers a Correspondence Bible Study Program for women in prison. The program includes studies ranging from new believers to more advanced discipleship. We currently have available twelve studies. Volunteers can participate in this exciting ministry by grading lessons and encouraging the women in their journey with Jesus. Our Bible Studies include:

I Said Yes to Jesus - Study for New Believers

The Plowshare of Prayer

Encouragement in the Word

God's Restoration Plan

His Name for our Need

You Shall Bloom in the Desert

The Power of Praying Moms

Spiritual Weapons of our Warfare


Intercessory Prayer

Positive Parenting

The Sacrifice of Praise