Faith Seeds Ministries

Faith Seeds Ministries focuses on "proclaiming liberty to the captives," according to Isaiah 61:1. Our mission is to teach Biblical principles to women in need that result in freedom, restoration, healing, and equipping for successful re-entry back into society.

This mission is achieved in several ways:

(a) Conducting Discipleship Seminars;

(b) Providing Biblical instruction through Correspondence Studies; and

(c) Equipping women with tools and skills for successful re-entry.

Our woman's prison ministry began in 2005. We have a heart to see the Lord set captives free, restore broken lives, and bring healing to women who are behind bars. We offer discipleship seminars, resources, and correspondence Bible Studies to incarcerated women across the United States. Faith Seeds also provides resources to at risk women experiencing homelessness, addiction, and other traumatic life events.

The ministry's Ruth Project provides women with information and resources to help in the process of successful re-entry. We also provide backpacks filled with essentials to give to women releasing from correctional facilities to homelessness as well as serving other homeless populations through our program called #PackedHope.

Faith Seeds operates out of the The United Church of Norwood, MA.

Pointed in the right direction…

Restoration in the face of victimization…

Skills for family reconciliation…

Encouragement in adverse conditions…

Hope for the woman who does not know where to turn…

We are partnering with several groups in our program called #PackedHope. Gently used backpacks that can be recycled are filled with essentials for women who are homeless. We have handed out over 400 backpacks thus far and are always looking for donated supplies.

The items that may be donated include:

Gently used backpacks

Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash

Deodorant, hand sanitizer, wipes, shampoo

Comb, brush, pony tail holders

Tissue packs, pen, notepad

Mints, Gum, Hard Candy

Granola Bars, Crackers, Ramen Noodles

Tea Bags, Hot Chocolate Packs, Baggies

Bottled Water, Nail Clippers, Band Aids

If you would like to donate any of these items or gently used backpacks, please contact us via e-mail: sue@faithseeds.org

New Facebook Groups

Be sure to visit our new Facebook group called Sacra Via, meaning The Sacred Journey. You can request to join and share as we post prayers, Scriptures, and songs meant to encourage one another in the body of Christ. We are leading online Bible Studies throughout the year.

We also have a Facebook group called Scripture Art and Journaling. As a members, you have access to monthly Scripture Plans, and availability to view tutorials on bible journaling, prayer journaling, and Scripture art techniques.